Inviting a team member

This article is meant only for the team owner and connection managers. For team members and managers please skip to the next article.

To invite a team member click on the options icon on your connection, and click on sharing.

You will see a dialog that will ask you to whom do you want to share.

Please enter the email id of the person you want to share. If the user exists on yoheim’s platform you will see the name of the user in the dropdown or else you will be prompted to send an invite to join.

Click on send invite. You will see the following prompt after that.

You will be explained that since you are inviting a new user to yoheim’s platform and he needs to download the app first and create an account with the same email id with which he had received the invite. Click here to read the full article.

Once the user creates an account successfully, please follow the same process.

But this time you will get a different popup unlike the previous one. This time you would be asked if you want the shared user to be a manager or member of the resource. To know more about roles and permission click here.

Select the access type and identity you want to use for sharing with the user. Once you click on share the connection will be shared with the selected user.

In the above dialog, you would be prompted that you are using the same identity as yours, to know more about this warning click here.

After successfully sharing the connection, the user with whom you have just shared the connection can access the server in the same way how you did.