What are the roles and their permission?

We have 3 types of roles across the platform

  • Owner

  • Manager

  • Member

Roles are assigned to the following entities on the yoheim platform

  • Team

  • Project

  • Server


Resource, Resources - Servers, Identities, and Folders
Manage - Create, Update and Delete


Owner is the topmost role that’s assigned to the user, When you signup and create a team on the app by default you will be the owner of the team, and all it's any resource that would be created by any user in the team. If any other user creates a resource it is automatically created for the team owner.

What the owner can do?

The owner can remove or add someone from any resource or team. The owner can manage any of the resources in the team or project.


It’s the mid-level role and the most flexible one. The manager can be assigned to a team, project, and a server.

What manager can do when they manage the team?

The manager can remove or change the permission of other users (with the role “member“) of the team. Team level manager can also create a project and

What manager can do when managing a project?

The manager of the team and Manager of the project are not connected, If a user is a Manager of a team and not a Manager of a project won’t be able to add, update or delete a resource associated with the project.
A project manager can add, update, or delete resources associated with the project and can also invite other users (in and out of the organization) to access the resource.

What manager can do when managing a server?

The manager of a server can invite/grant other users to the server, (in and out of the organization). A manager can also edit or delete resources that they are managing.


This is the role assigned to user who has permission to only access. This role is granted the least permission. Users with this role can only access and cannot modify or delete the resources associated with them.

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