🥳 cheatsheet and shortcuts

Yoheim gets even easier with these shortcuts, the best part is most of the shortcuts come from some of the famous code editors i.e. Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Sublime Text. So it becomes even easier for you to remember if you are already using it, if not we bet it would still be the easy one.

Keyboard Shortcuts



linux and windows

Open command palette

cmd + shift + p

ctrl + shift + p

Open search

cmd + p

ctrl + p

Open new tab

cmd + n

ctrl + n

Switch to tab number

cmd + 1 or cmd + 2 or cmd + 3 and so on

ctrl + 1 or ctrl + 2 or ctrl + 3 and so on

Close current tab

cmd + w

ctrl + w

Open duplicate ssh session (only works if there is an active ssh session on current tab)

cmd + shift + d

ctrl + shift + d