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    collaboration platform to manage and share ssh servers

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    heimdall of remote servers

The name yoheim comes from the marvel character, heimdall. Heimdall is described as all-seeing and all-hearing and is the sole protector of the Bifröst in Asgard. He stands on the rainbow bridge Bifröst to watch for any attacks to Asgard. The Bifrost is described as a "wormhole" or "Einstein-Rosen Bridge", allowing for near-instantaneous travel between the Nine Realms. With dark energy, Heimdall can summon the Bifröst and teleport anyone to anywhere in the 9 realms. Wikipedia

Yoheim brings in the trust, security, efficiency, and intelligence in its platform and makes it really easy for teams to manage and share ssh servers.

It’s tedious to share the private key or adding the public key of team members. And then remember multiple hosts and usernames to log in to ssh servers, yoheim makes it really easy and effortless, with a simple and friendly interface. Further yoheim brings a lot many most wanted to shortcuts to make it even easier. Yoheim comes up with a builtin shell, by which logging into the server is just a click away, just click on launch on your connection, and boom you are in. You can also make use of port forwarding to forward the server’s port to your local system, in just a click, isn’t it exciting?

Our vision and mission of yoheim are to create a seamless and effortless platform for teams to manage and share remote connections.

A lot more on the way…

Thank you,

Anand Siddharth