Getting Started

Let’s get started with the basics, where we will be going through step by step on how to install, run, and operate the application.


To install yoheim, go to the download page, you will be provided with 3 download options i.e. for macOS, Linux, and windows (coming soon). based on your operating system, download the respective one.

Install on macOS.

  1. once you have downloaded the dmg of the application, double click on that.

  2. the image will be mounted on to your system. you will be then prompted to move yoheim to the applications folder.

  3. once moved to the applications folder you are ready to go.

  4. (optional) you may have to go to system preferences and allow yoheim to be run on your system.
    Here is the link to the apple support portal to allow apps from the unidentified developer:

Install on Linux

For all Linux distributions: (recommended installation way)

  1. download the AppImage package from the download page.

  2. use the following command to launch the app.
    $ ./path_where_you_have_downloaded/yoheim-.appimage

Install on Windows

For Windows 7 +

  1. download the windows NSIS installer from the download page.

  2. once downloaded double click to install it.

  3. (optional) windows defender smart screen may block for installation of the software, for more help you can refer to this website.

Launch the app

You should be able to see the following landing page of the application.

We will create an account on the next step.