Creating a folder

This article is meant only for the team owner and project managers. For team members and managers please skip to the next article.

It’s very important that you should be able to manage and organize your resources. Sot this is where folders come into the picture.

Once you navigate inside your project you will see an interface something like this.

Click on the new folder button to create a folder.
Note: You can also create a folder inside a subfolder, this is exactly like how you create in your system to organize your files and other subfolders.

You will see the following dialog asking you the folder name.
(lightbulb) Folder names are end-to-end encrypted, it can be only decrypted by someone who has access to it.

Enter the name of the folder you want to create and click on create.

Once you create a folder successfully you can see it appearing on your screen under your project. You may click on the folder to further navigate inside it.