What is yoheim?

Yoheim is a collaboration platform for developers, DevOps, admins, and product managers to share and manage ssh access within and outside the team or organization. Servers and identities can be added to the platform, once added it can be accessed using the built-in shell and can be shared with other members of your organization or outside of it just by inviting them.

It’s a tedious task to share and remember hosts / port and to whom you have shared the access to the server using the traditional way, Yoheim makes it easy for you to organize and keep track of the users who has access to the server, it also makes it easy to share the access to any team member inside or outside of your organization. Further yoheim comes with built-in shell so that users are not required to go outside of the app, it’s just one click and boom you are in. Yoheim also has a port forwarding solution which replaces the traditional way (using command prompt or terminal), with which you can simply click on port forwarding and enter required details and continue with port forwarding.

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